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Rent your flat

Rent your flat

Rent an apartment in Turkey

Many of our clients do not buy an apartment in Turkey in order to live there or resell it after renting the house. Clients buy an apartment in order to create passive income from renting an apartment in Turkey.

There are two options for renting an apartment:

Rent an apartment for a long time

Rent an apartment for a short term (daily rent in Turkey)

According to Turkish law, the owner of an apartment can rent an apartment on his own only for a long time.

If you want to safely receive a permanent passive income from short-term rentals, then you should turn to professionals.

Our company provides services for renting apartments in Alanya.

We take care of all the hassle of renting an apartment:
  • Finding tenants
  • We meet and place
  • We monitor cleanliness and order
  • We do the cleaning and prepare the apartment for new guests
During our work, we have accumulated a large base of clients who come to Turkey for a short period of time all year round and need high-quality apartments.

Do you want us to offer them your object?

Leave a request and our manager will offer the apartment to potential tenants today.

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