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Property management

Property management

Zodiac Management is a division of the construction company Zodiac Group specializing in the management of complexes, villas, apartments and after sales services in all areas of the city of Alanya.

Zodiac Management Company is:

1.     Professionalism.

We are fully responsible for professional accounting, maintenance, information support of the complex.

2.     Transparency.

Zodiac provides a high level of honest and open service. We provide any reports requested by the management committee of the owners.

All primary documentation for each of our clients is stored in our office. You can always check it out.

We also have an online system of personal accounts where you can get acquainted with all the documents of the complex without leaving your home. You can see your debts of management fees and other payments.

3.     Availability.

Our company uses all available means to establish quick contact with customers. We speak three languages for your convenience. You can contact us in any way in English, Russian, and Turkish:

·       By telephone

+90 537 440 06 86


·       by Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram +90 537 440 06 86


·       by email:


·       our website is


On our website in the future you can enter the online management system, where various functions will be available to you, such as: the entire accounting of the complex online, all accruals and debits from your service account, participation in discussions on current topics and in the life of the complex, by voting for or against new ideas, calculation of the budget of the complex, current news of your complex, reports of the work done on the complex, etc. With the help of our online system, you can call the necessary service to your apartment, rent out your apartment or rent an apartment for your guests, book a transfer, order cleaning of the apartment or its airing / inspection, etc.


·       Our office:

Mahmutlar mah. 135. Sokak No 14 Alanya, Turkiye Zodiac Group ofis

We are always glad to see you in our office to discuss all your issues over a cup of coffee or tea.

·     We have an informative page on Facebook, Telegram channel, Youtube channel, where you can follow the news of our company.

4.     Open minded.

We are always as open as possible to our customers in terms of ideas and new solutions.

5.     Reliability.

We are a large and reliable company that is responsible for its words and actions.

6.     Flexibility.

We can and are able to solve non-standard tasks specifically for the client.




Here is a list of services that we offer for complexes:


·        Full communication with all administrative structures on behalf of the complex, notification of homeowners about changes in legislation.

·        Monitor the accounts of the complex until the end of the contract. All accounts of the complex can always be checked by the selected representatives (auditors) of the complex.

·        Collect annual fees on behalf of the complex and take all necessary steps to collect them in accordance with Turkish law and the rules of the complex.

·        Keep track of all expenses on behalf of the complex. We are fully accountable for all expenses, try to save money without losing quality, and we promise transparency in all costs.

·        We make an adequate budget according to the needs of the complex.

·        We organize the work of the staff so that the complex is clean and well maintained.

·        We hire the staff of the complex (if necessary), monitor their work, pay salaries and all mandatory payments on behalf of the complex (according to the Turkish labor code).

·        We regularly check the complex (usually once a week), except for emergency visits, prepare a report on the condition of the complex, and take measures in accordance with the situation. At the meeting, we can provide all the reports and make recommendations about the state of the complex, calculate the budget and terms of work.

·        We control all work that is not carried out by the staff of the complex, such as the delivery of chemical products, pool products, building painting, landscaping, pest control and others, so that all work is carried out in accordance with the rules.

·        We supervise all day-to-day operations of the pool, pool keeper cleaning, adding cleaning agents, pumps and all equipment and pool areas.

·        We control the entire territory of the complex, landscape and paths within the complex. Everything is maintained in excellent condition.

·        In order to control all telecommunications equipment installed in the complex, we conclude a contract with a contractor who ensures that the equipment is in good condition, all defects are eliminated and repaired in the shortest possible time.

·        We control and manage all the technical equipment of the complex such as the elevator, water pumps, lighting, generator, switches, meters and all electrical equipment.

·        We carry out regular inspections and testing of all firefighting equipment to keep it in working order.

·        We carry out regular inspections and testing of all equipment for the use of water: pump valves, meters, wastewater treatment and disposal of pollution.

·        Coordinate regular garbage collection with inspections from all blocks of the complex.

·        We collect proposals from firms and service providers to provide information at the meeting of owners and discuss the cost.

·        We issue insurance for all buildings of the complex and the general territory of the complex (by decision of the meeting or the management committee)

·        We control the lighting of the complex depending on the time of day.

·        We keep a list of all equipment and property of the complex.

·        We help the owners to communicate on the issues of the complex with each other, if there is a language barrier.

·        We hold meetings of the complex in accordance with the legislation of Turkey.

·        We maintain information groups in Whatsapp/Telegram in 3 languages in each complex for quick notification of owners.

·        Open to all wishes and suggestions from the owners to improve the quality of service.


Additional services for owners of apartments whose complexes are in our service.

Owners in the complexes that we service can receive additional services from our company. Additional service may be suspended at any time by agreement.


·        Opening a service account in our company.

·        Payment of utilities in case the owner leaves money for us to pay. Informing the client if the money runs out.

·        Payment of taxes if there are enough funds in the service account.

·        Assistance to clients in any official and banking procedures.

·        Assistance to clients in case of an emergency (illness, accident, etc.)

·        Preparing the apartment for the arrival of the owners or their guests: airing, turning on electricity, water, etc. (cleaning of the apartment will be included in additional paid services).

·        Help clients and their guests with their requests whenever possible.

·        Pay for various services from the client's service account, if there are enough funds (ordering flowers, balloons, cakes, various other goods and services).

·        Storing additional keys in our office for emergencies or to prepare the apartment for arrival.

·        Checking and airing your apartments, providing a report on their condition.



Additional services that we can organize for you with the participation of our partners


• Organization of registration of subscriber numbers in companies providing electricity and water.

• Selection of an apartment for rent to your friends, relatives, acquaintances.

• Collection of proposals for repairs in your apartment. Informing the owner about the cost of work and, if the project is approved, monitor the performance and quality of work.

• Organization of individual transfers to/from the airport in good cars.

• Cleaning of apartments and washing of bed linen at reasonable prices.

• Rent a car at a reasonable price.

• Selection and purchase of furniture for your apartment.

• Conducting an individual connection to the Internet.

• Organization of licensed excursions for you and your group.

• Registration of all types of insurance.


Since we are the part of the construction company Zodiac Group, we can also always offer you first-hand investment projects, income from renting your apartment, buying and selling your property, selecting an apartment in a building under construction or a finished new house, completing a purchase and sale transaction, and more.

We thank you for your interest in us as your possible management company. We look forward to a long and useful cooperation.

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